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No fillers, flavour enhancers, wheat, or dairy. Recommended by Naturopaths.
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100% plants only!

No fillers, flavour enhancers, wheat or dairy. Shop Now

Optimise Your Health With Daily Use

Boost your energy and overall wellbeing with our 100% plant-based, vegan, superfood powder blends. Our Superfoods are Australian Made with no fillers, preservatives or flavour enhances.

Promotes healthy organs

19 Tonic Herbs help tonify and strengthen all your internal organs.*

Boosts energy

13 nutrient rich superfoods support health and wellbeing*

Activates genius 

16 adaptogens combat fatigue and enhance mental performance*

Increases immunity

12 traditional chinese herbs carry ancient wisdom for optimal health.*

Supports healthy cells

5 complete proteins help build, maintain and replace cells in the body.*

Promotes gut health

6 prebiotics feed friendly bacteria in your gut leading to healthier digestion.*

Maximises nutrition

3 absorption drivers transfer the nutrition into your body.*

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Simply add the plant-based superfood powder to water, coffee, or blend into your favourite smoothie, and enjoy the benefits of improved health and increased energy.

immortality pack with a bag of free sacred cacao
444g Packet of Food of the Gods signature blend, listing ingredients and benefits including plant-based, antifungal, antibacterial, superfoods, medicinal mushrooms, traditional chinese herbs, adaptogens, ayurvedic herbs, tonic herbs, prebiotics, tonic teas, complete proteins, healthy super fats, sea vegetables, absorption drivers.
Infinite energy superfood pack with a free bag of sacred cacao

Customer Reviews


I feel 10-out-of-10!

Immortal Blends has changed my life, especially my gut health. I started having the blends three weeks ago and have noticed a massive change. Especially my sleep, the way I feel – I just feel ten out of ten. Thank you very much to you guys.


coffee replacement

Better than coffee!

I love my coffee, I love my short black. I’ve been taking Food of the Gods to have a break from coffee, I have been feeling fantastic, this is making me feel better than when I was drinking coffee so I’m staying on this for now.


Gigi indigo

It truly is Gods food!

It’s absolutely amazing. It is truly gods food, it’s supporting me in such a great way. It gives me energy, cleanses my whole body, it detoxifies. The mushroom blends is on a whole other level on it’s own. I put it in my coffee, it gives me the nutrients I need to sustain my body.

Gigi I

Lauren B

It’s changed my life!

Absolutely amazing, it’s changed my life. Give it a go, nothing to loose, I love it, try it out!


nela & emma

Everything I need for the day!

I have it every day, I have a teaspoon in my coffee. Sometimes if I need a little boost in the day I have it with hot water. I get sick of taking vitamins, when I’ve had Immortal Blends I feel like I’ve had everything I need for the day.

Nela & Emma

Katrina denton

8-years of insomnia in the past!

I’ve been on the blends for about three weeks and I’ve noticed immense changes. In particular I’ve noticed the improvement in my sleep quality. I’ve been struggling with insomnia for 8 years now. I’m able to reach a deep sleep, I’m getting the quality sleep I need, which is improving my energy, I’m waking up feeling supercharged for my day, I’m feeling radiant. I have so much life and love to give, my mental clarity is as clear as it can get. My workflow for my business is improving, I don’t see a day in my life when I don’t take Immortal Blends.


Kenny a very happy customer

Alleviating my fibromyalgia!

With my fibromyalgia and after I had an accident, I thought I’d never get back on the bike again. I use to be an A-grade cyclist, I use to work out at the gym, I put a lot of weight on. Since I’ve been taking this, and especially I’ve noticed it in the last two weeks I’ve done 10 spin classes. I feel great. I don’t feel fatigued, I feel like I’m on top of it, I come home and I’m still feeling great. There’s a lot to be said for taking Immortal Blends.


noahs mum

All of my sons pains have gone!

My son Noah first started taking Immortal Blends Food of the Gods when he was 14. He had achilles tendinitis, a lot of growing pains, a lot of pains with his flat feet. All of those pains have disappeared. It was obvious quite after a few weeks early the pain started to subside. His back pain has completely gone. His beauty spots and skin tags have all but gone. He has it every morning. It is incredible!

Mum to Noah

Round red sacred geometry symbol meaning goji berri a superfood ingredient

Clear mind, body & soul!

This drink has changed a lot of my ways, cleared my mind, body, and soul. I have highly recommended it to everyone I get in contact with – especially to clients in business when health and wealth is brought up in discussions.

Joel F

Round indigo purple sacred geometry symbol meaning mangosteen a superfood ingredient

Less hot flushes!

Before I started Immortal Blends I was not sleeping, suffering heavy menopause symptoms, including hot flushes, night sweats, lacking energy and my usual bounce was missing. Initially I was sceptical but really had nothing to lose. I didn’t want to put anything synthetic in my system for controlling my menopause, so gave Immortal Blends a go, I am so pleased I did! 1 week in and my flushes are few and far between. I have my clarity back and my sleep is improving. I am so grateful to Shane from Immortal Blends, for his support and encouragement! This has become a staple in my morning routine.



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